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Buy Or Rent Ski Helmet

When kids are young and growing fast, renting is hands down the best option. You can get a child season rental for around $100-130, depending on their size. Kids will outgrow boots and skis nearly every single year until they are about 13 for girls and 16 for boys (recognizing every child is different). At that point, it may not be as much about growth as the cool factor of having your own skis. When your kids reach those teenage years, you could consider buying them a ski that will work for multiple years, and then just rent the boots until their feet stop growing.

buy or rent ski helmet

Helmets are another story. Manufacturers give helmets a 3-5 year shelf-life, which makes hand-me-downs a little more tricky. If you are going to ski consistently throughout a season, the cheapest option is to buy a 1-year-old rental helmet for $25-30 from the shop (they run out quickly). A brand new kid's helmet starts at about $60. You can find cheaper, but you get what you pay for.

The typical rental ski is narrow under foot, which makes them a good fit for groomed runs. Rental skis in general do not perform well in soft conditions or off piste. The quality of rental ski can vary widely from shop to shop. A good adult rental ski will have a wood core rather than foam; a wood core will provide a stiffer flex, allowing you to carve better and carry more speed. For kids, foam core skis are easier for them to maneuver. We carry Nordica, Fischer, and Rossignol in our rental fleet.

Demo skis are higher quality skis from the retail inventory that are available to rent. You can only rent demos skis for a day, but it is a great way to try out different skis before you buy. Most shops will apply the cost of one demo rental toward the cost of a ski that you purchase.

Whether you rent or buy remember, it's possible to get the family outside! Many of us got ourselves and our kids into skiing on rented and used gear, and traded up as we fell in love with getting above the inversion and spending more time in nature. Even teenagers will condescend to hang out with the family on the slopes, and they'll always come and find you on the hill when they get hungry. If you have questions about how to make skiing a reality for you and your family, stop in and let us give you a pep talk!

To ensure availability, rental equipment to be picked up at South Ridge Lodge must be reserved online more than 48-hours prior to arrival. Walk-in services will be available for a la carte items only, such as poles and helmets. We cannot guarantee equipment availability, especially on peak holiday dates. Booking a multi-day rental reserves your equipment for each day.

When booking online, you will be prompted to enter all of your skier information, such as your height and weight. This is necessary so the shop can set up your equipment correctly. Please review the Skier Type Classification information. Your rental is non-refundable, but if you cannot attend on the day you booked, you can contact the rental shop at for a voucher to use another day.

Contact usParkingWebcams.cls-1fill:#FFF;rentalsXRentalsGear available to rent includes; skis, boots, poles, snowboarding gear, and helmets. Accessories can be purchased at Homewood Mountain Sports, adjacent to the Rental Shop.

BUY NOW & SAVE MORE: We offer limited quantities of the lowest-priced lift + rental packages online, so we always recommend you buy as far in advance as possible to save the most money. Prices for any given day may go up as demand increases, so buy early and lock in the lowest possible price.

All cancellations or changes to your rental reservation must be made 24 hours prior to the day rented. After 24 hours, the change fee is 50% of the rental cost. No refunds will be given after the day rented.

Head into the Grizzly Center and check-in at our rental shop. Our team will take your size and get you into the proper equipment for your day on the mountain. Want to save time? Go the day prior to pick up your equipment. We allow pickups starting between 3pm and 5pm the day before to your scheduled reservation.

If you do not wish to purchase rentals online, the next best thing to do is pre-register before you arrive at the resort. By pre-registering, you are completing your rental paperwork electronically. When you arrive at the resort, go to the rental shop and simply give your name to a cashier. Your paperwork will be printed on the spot and you can begin the fitting process. Pre-registration is not a reservation or a guarantee of equipment. Ski and snowboard rental equipment is assigned on a first-purchased basis.

A drivers license or major credit card is required as collateral when renting skis or snowboards. All participants must sign a waiver. A parent or guardian of those under 18 years of age must sign the waiver. Please return all ski and snowboard rental equipment to the rental shop prior to our closing time of 10 pm. Rentals do not include lift tickets. Please purchase lift tickets separately or check out our Lift, Lesson & Rental Package for big savings!

Our ski shop wants to ensure all guests have a fantastic experience on the mountain, which means stocking ski & snowboard equipment rentals from some of the best brands out there. Our brands all offer award winning designs used by countless Olympic athletes and families alike.

Hi- it will be our first time going up there with no prior Ski experience nor gear. What items were you able to rent in town? Where did you rent from? What items should we make sure to purchase before taking the trip out there?

I would recommend renting any skis and boots from the shop on the mountain so you don't have to carry them all up there. They have comparable prices to the shops in town. They do not rent helmets on the mountain, you have to get them in town. We rented ours from "summit and ski sports."

You should definitely rent your skis/boots/poles at the ski resort because you can store them their overnight and not have to haul them back and forth to the hotel. Their rental prices are about the same as anyone else's in town.

My wife and I rented everything from Wolf creek. The only thing I would recommend is buying your own helmet and goggles that fit. Personal preference and cleanliness reasons. We did the two day snowboarding school and by the second day we were going down green slopes no problem. Ask for Big Mike if you are going to try snowboarding. He was a great instructor and very knowledgeable.

Although many ski rental places and resorts now rent ski helmets, we did not find any helmet rentals at Wolf Creek. We ended up buying helmets at the Ski Rental place in town and were very happy. (It's better to own your own helmet.)

The Rossignol Experience Center will make your visit easier, more comfortable, and more fun than ever before. Our new Rossignol equipment is full of technologies proven to speed up the learning curve, fast track your progression and help you make effortless breakthroughs. All rental packages include skis or a snowboard, boots, helmet, and poles (skiing).

In recent years, it seems that the newspaper and TV headlines have been plastered with announcements of ski injuries or deaths caused by head injuries on the slopes. Is the new emphasis on ski helmets just a fanatical craze, or a legitimate safeguard against growing dangers on the slopes?

In response to the demand, and industry reports and recommendations, we offer helmets for rent or purchase. We have rigorously researched the many helmets that are on the market and have found that not all helmets are made the same. Unlike bicycle or motorcycle helmets, there is no safety standard for snowsport helmets. A cheap snowsport helmet, with substandard design and materials, may not provide any protection during a collision or fall. Look for a SNELL RS-98 or ASTM F2040 sticker on the inside of the helmet to make sure it provides proper protection.

Fortunately, there are some manufacturers who feel the same way we do about safety. We offer Giro helmets, for adults and children, to purchase or rent. Giro has a strong track record producing safe, high performance bicycle helmets and we have found their snowsport helmets are the most adaptable for goggles, provide a clear view and unobstructed head movement, do not obstruct your hearing, and are affordably priced. Also, in recent years, Giro has made many advances in mold designs, adjustability (especially for children), and overall fit, comfort and durability for many great days of skiing or snowboarding.

We have a full line of great skis, snowboards, boots + poles. We offer skiers and snowboarders the latest in ski and snowboard rental equipment technology from industry leaders Rossignol and Burton.

If you've got your eyes on new gear, or just want to check out the new technology everyone is jabbering about in the lift lines, try a top-of-the-line pair of skis or a snowboard from the Sierra Demo Rentals. We've got an impressive line-up of skis and boards that feature Rocker technology, Hybrid Rocker technology, Magnitraction, Reverse Camber, Sidecut, or just something different from what you've been on for the last 5 years...

We also demo Lib Tech snowskates, including all mountain, everyday and pow skates. We recommend using water resistant sneakers or boots (snowboard boots work too). Snowskates demos can be switched out to a snowboard during the same-day rental period.

A credit card deposit is required when renting any equipment. All prices subject to change. Restrictions apply. Equipment must be returned after each day's use. Available in limited quantities and non-transferable. 3-PAKs are valid any three days during the 2022/23 season and are non-transferable.

Full-day rentals begin when the mountain opens, and end when the mountain closes. Half-day rentals begin at 1 pm and end when the mountain closes. Twilight rentals begin at 3 pm and end when the mountain closes. 041b061a72


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