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Dave Matthews Band Live Discography Torrent UPDATED

When the band Swans broke up in 1996-97, it was saddening, and fans were exalted to see the band re-form in 2010, and their subsequent release of their live album called My Father Will Guide Me up a Rope to the Sky (2010). The album was released to ensure that the proceedings would go to make their 12th Studio Album. The front man for the band, Michael Gira, recently told the media that the band was excited about the release of their brand new album in 2012, which is called The Seer. There has been a lot of anticipation about this album download, and a lot of fans would love the music about to be released.

Dave Matthews Band Live Discography Torrent

The Seer is a two-disc album which is going to be a mishmash of eclectic beats, transitive notes, and sounds which are definitely signature music from the band. Already some of the music has been previewed and though it is yet to be leaked, there is definitely a lot of demand for the zip file or the links for the torrent. Swans is quite happy to see the response it has received, and they would officially release the album on the 28th of August, 2012, according to Michael Gira.

If you like metalcore, Obey the Brave is bound to be one of those bands which would totally rock you. A Canada-based band, it has got former members of top bands like Despised Icon and Blind Witness. Recently, the band signed with Epitaph Records and they are interested in releasing their mp3 online and the official video is live on Youtube as of First May, 2012. The single received a good bit of attention and it has been noted for its intense guitar notes which is definitely a big plus point with the crowd who would love to listen to something dramatic and definitely deadly.

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