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Jockstrap Workout!

The GYM Jockstrap is a successor to the iconic, but now-discontinued, Bike brand of athletic supporters (jockstraps). GYM Jockstraps was created to continue a similar line of products, using the same manufacturer as the original! We are happy to offer our customers who have enjoyed this brand so much over the years another opportunity to get the classics again!

Jockstrap Workout!

The GYM 2" Workout Jockstrap is designed for moderate exercise made by GYM Jockstrap. These jockstraps feature a 2" wide band. Performance support with the feel of cotton. 2" elastic waistband with 3/4" leg straps. This item does not include a cup pouch.

A jockstrap is important as it protects your genitalia; which is true to some extent. However, it is applicable only in a few sports where you also require a cup to be worn with your jockstrap; in order to protect your genitals from being smashed. For example- sports like cricket, rugby, baseball etc. The chances of groin injury are quite high and therefore, the jockstrap becomes an essential gear in such sports. According to the history behind the wearable, the jockstrap was invented in 1874 by C. F. Bennett of a Chicago sporting goods company, Sharp & Smith, in order to provide comfort and support for bicycle jockeys.

Now, the question is, do we really need it for our regular gym workouts? The answer is a simple no! As a matter of fact, wearing a tight jockstrap can actually harm your testicles. Some people wear it to prevent hernias, but the irony is, wearing a tight jockstrap can lead to hernia. The excessive compression on the genital nerves further puts pressure on the abdomen area that might lead to the herniated testicles.

Add some tech to your undies and your workout. Our robust band design gives exceptional support with the added benefit of a push-up effect. The front pouch is not only super comfortable it keeps everything safely in place during the most vigorous of workouts, at the same time giving some lift. Less fabric with the open back makes for a fresher, cooler workout.

Despite being used mainly for fetish websites and bubble-butt tumblr feeds, jockstraps were originally conceived as a purely functional form of underwear to improve athletic performance. Invented for cyclists back in 1874, the purpose of a jockstrap is to hold your boys in place and reduce any excessive movement down there while exercising.

You should always make sure that your jockstrap is tight enough to prevent your Cup from twisting and rolling. We advise you to go for cups that have cushion-type edges because a hard edge cup will transfer the blowing force to the pelvic part.

The whole purpose of jockstraps is to hold and keep your genitalia in place. It suppresses any motion that is excessive. For instance, if you are running and you do it every day as a part of your fitness regime, then a jockstrap would keep your private parts tightly intact during excessive movements without causing discomfort. This also applies when you are at the gym executing your exercises.

You can wear the jockstrap for both day and night. You should wear it for the time length recommended by your surgeon. This tackle decreases the tension within the spermatic cords, surrounding tissues, the structures running to every testicle, and the blood supply of the testicles. It is advisable to change the underwear daily and also place a bandage right beneath your inner garment for improved support.

This Calvin Klein jockstrap applies the brand's unmistakable branded waistband with an altogether more breathable construction below. In an all-black colourway, it's an innofensive design that gives trusty, beloved Calvins some welcome sex appeal.

Specialising in date-night friendly jockstraps, Lovehoney stocks a range of men's underwear brands made for steamy bedroom antics. While being super soft and comfortable in a stretchy fabric, this LVH pair is also primed to lift butt cheeks and enhance your assets.

Taking that signature sense of opulence one step further, Versace's Barocco-print jockstrap is even more on-brand for the house. Seeing your iconic Greco bordered waistband and raising you a maximalist black and gold print on its cotton pouch, here we have a jockstrap that a very specific set of dreams are made of.

If you're looking for a jockstrap to better protect yourself against the brute force of a rugby scrum, few brands are better equipped than Nike. A three-pack that'll serve you well on Sunday league game days, the slim front pouch keeps everything safely out of harm's way and won't be met with bunched-up fabric should you layer over a sturdier athletic cup.

The red and white stripe, made popular by such style icons as Where's Wally?'s elusive titular character, makes for a fine underwear pattern and is an especially playful take when applied to a jockstrap. Made with sports in mind, the fabric is quick-drying and temperature-regulating, so perfect for summer wear.

A collaborative effort with an institution famous for its homoerotic artworks, there is no better name than Tom Of Finland to really nail the sex appeal of a jockstrap. Working with an underwear brand whose silky-feeling boxers already veer towards the sensual side, this pair boasts an enhanced pouch that'll really highlight your assets, in an all-black colourway in line with TOF's highly erotic monochrome visuals.

In conclusion, jocks are the best workout gear. They give you the support you need and freedom of movement, but the most important aspect is that they are simply hot to look at and even hotter to be sporting.

The epic battle, having been fought gallantly by our contestants, is alas, a toss up. No winners or losers have been declared. It really is all about personal preference. Just workout and keep those bodies moving so you can keep wearing sexy underwear!

When it comes to working out, proper support is key, especially for men. The last thing you want is discomfort or injury in the genital area distracting you from your routine. That's where jockstraps come in.

Yes, they may seem old-fashioned or even unnecessary, but the truth is that jockstraps offer numerous benefits for men during workouts, making them an essential piece of athletic gear. Not only do they provide extra support and prevent chafing, but they can also improve range of motion, promote hygiene, and even prevent embarrassing moments.

There's nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable during a workout, especially when it's in a sensitive area. That's where jockstraps come in - they provide a layer of protection that can prevent chafing and irritation, even during the most intense exercise sessions.

So if you're tired of constantly adjusting yourself during exercise, consider trying a jockstrap. Not only will it improve your comfort and performance, but it might even save you from some awkward and embarrassing moments at the gym. Trust us; you won't want to go back once you go jockstrap.

When it comes to high-impact exercises, it's important to have proper support in all areas of your body, including down there. That's where jockstraps come in - they offer extra support for the genital area, which can help prevent injury and improve athletic performance.

With a design that provides ventilation and moisture-wicking properties, jockstraps can keep you cool and dry throughout your workout. This enhanced comfort can make your workout more enjoyable and improve your overall performance and motivation. When you're not constantly adjusting and readjusting, you can stay focused on your form and pushing yourself to the limit.

Furthermore, the comfort provided by jockstraps can be especially beneficial during long workouts or sports matches. Without proper support, the genital area can become sore and uncomfortable, leading to distractions and even injury.

By keeping everything in place, jockstraps allow for greater freedom of movement, making it easier to get deeper into exercises and achieve better results. When you're not constantly adjusting or worrying about discomfort, you can focus more on your form and getting the most out of your workout.

You certainly do not want the constant bounce and movement of your private parts while working out. That's where jockstraps come in handy. They provide extra support to keep everything in place, reducing the uncomfortable bouncing and jostling that can occur during high-impact exercises.

Not only does this extra support make for a more comfortable workout, but it can also prevent injury. A sudden movement or twist can lead to a painful strain or, worse, a serious injury. By wearing a jockstrap, you can minimize the risk of injury and focus on your performance without any distractions.

Luckily, jockstraps can provide a solution to this problem. By offering support and compression to the genital area, jockstraps can help reduce inflammation and soreness that commonly occur after exercise.

The added comfort and support provided by jockstraps during workouts can help prevent injuries that might otherwise set back their progress. So, next time you hit the gym, make sure to wear a jockstrap and enjoy all the advantages that it offers.

To be honest, you do not want to experience an embarrassing moment during your workout. Whether it's visible underwear lines or accidental exposure, it can be a major distraction from your fitness goals.

With a jockstrap, you can work out confidently, knowing you're protected from any wardrobe malfunctions. You won't have to constantly adjust your clothing or worry about others catching a glimpse of your underwear.

By now, you're probably wondering; how can jockstraps improve my circulation during exercise? Well, jockstraps are designed to provide compression and support to the genital area, which can actually help improve blood flow throughout your body. 041b061a72


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