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Librarika organizes books under two logical entities: Media and Media Copy. When a new book is added to a library, master book information is added once as Media entity, we also call this as title or title record. Other related info is added to the Media Copy entity with reference to the parent Media entity. Then when another copy of the same book is added, only a new Media Copy entity is created with reference to the previous parent Media entity.

Uniquely Rika Pdf Added By Request

When a new item is added to the catalog, the system assigns an auto-generated unique incremental accession number (numeric only) to each copy for your library. This accession number is then used to uniquely identify that specific copy during check-out / check-in / other system level activities.

Microsoft Edge version 97 introduces support for CORS non-wildcard request headers. When a script makes a cross-origin network request via fetch() and XMLHttpRequest with a script-added Authorization header, the header must be explicitly allowed by the Access-Control-Allow-Headers header in the CORS preflight response. "Explicitly" here means that the wild card symbol "*" doesn't cover the Authorization header. See =2180022 for more detail.


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