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any information you enter on social networking websites, accounts, or any other website could potentially be up for grabs in the event of a data breach. in general, the information you put online contributes to your online reputation, which can impact your chances of securing employment, getting into your college of choice, and create many problems if the information is unfavorable. monitoring your online reputation can also help you pick up on sensitive information that shouldn't be publicly available so you can take action to have it removed. think before you post anything online or share information in emails. what you post online, can be seen by anyone. sharing personal information with others you do not know personally is one of your biggest risks online.

company of heroes 2 crack password 43


if someone has already accessed your online account, youll need to inform the site so your account isnt compromised. youll usually need to contact customer service and go through the steps of recovering your account. some companies, however, allow you to reset your password to a unique and random number that you must enter. as a result, an attacker would have to gain access to a second account or find out your password. if you have to reset your password, and you have access to your account information, change your password from your main account. changing the password on a second account, however, is a good way to prevent others from accessing it. twitter: ftc

when you access your email account, make sure your password is strong and unique. our advice to you: change your password. if youre in the mood to save a few bucks, you can visit your financial institution for a new card or have your bank send you a new card. a new card also forces you to either write down your old card number or store it in a secure place so you can report it stolen if it is lost. if you cant remove the old card number from your account, your financial institution may be able to help you add a second card number to your account. if youre struggling with identity theft and want to protect yourself, check out identity theft resource center website. twitter: identitytheft


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